Our Partners


    The Hope Home was first established in 1916 when mining magnate, Raymond Schumacher, placed his home on Westcliffe Ridge in trust for the purpose of housing disabled children. Hope Home was named after his wife, Hope, which epitomizes everything the Home stands for, with an overarching focus on improving the quality of the lives of physically disabled children. Later in 1929 the Hope School was established by the Department of Education on the Hope Home premises to provide a holistic environment for children with physical disabilities.

  • Mandeville Aquatics Disability Swimming Centre of Excellence (MDS)

    Mandeville Aquatics Disability Swimming Centre of Excellence [MDS] has as its primary objective the development of swimming in Central Gauteng’s disabled communities at all levels. With a grassroots focus on schools for children with a physical disability, mainly in black communities, MDS supports programmes for:
    1. Learn to SwimTM – Every person who learns to swim represents a life potentially saved
    2. Swimming talent identification and development
    3. Preparation of elite swimmers for SA Nationals, World Championships and Paralympics
    The project to create a centre of excellence for disability swimming at Mandeville Aquatics began in 2009 and developed well during the following years, though not without challenges. The primary objective is to teach children with a disability to swim. Thereafter we identify swimmers with talent and to develop them through individualised training programs to a level where they can compete successfully up to Paralympics level.

  • SABC

    CSI at the SABC supports community causes and projects that enable the participation of various SABC platforms and successfully highlights the caring side of the business.
    It has been agreed that the CSI programme of the SABC, as implemented by the Foundation, should be more directed and strategic so as effectively to serve both developmental and corporate needs. This will also enable the Foundation to establish meaningful project partnerships, to monitor and evaluate outcomes of CSI/SED projects, and to build ‘know how’ and developmental expertise from its involvement in projects. It will also enhance the reputation of the SABC as a responsible corporate citizen.

  • NYDA

    The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) is a South African-based agency established primarily to tackle challenges that the nation’s youth are faced with. The NYDA was established by an Act of parliament, Act no 54 of 2008. The institution was established to be a single, unitary structure, established to address youth development issues at National, Provincial and Local government level.