Disability Summit & Careers Expo

South Africa’s leading Disability Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities Provider

The Disability Jobs Portal is the leading disability employment and entrepreneurship opportunities provider and offers a one-stop solution to positively address supplier development and employment opportunities for South Africans with disabilities to become integrated into the working economy.

As well as providing networking opportunities through the Disability Summit, the Disability Jobs Portal acts as a signpost service for accessible and appropriate opportunities to disabled scholars and entrepreneurs and assists in looking at strategic issues around disability employment, small business management and self-employment.

As part of the Disability Summit, we have introduced a dedicated disability portal linked to the database of the CV’s of graduates, current and recent matriculants with disabilities.
Added to this, all exhibitors, SME’s and businesses also have the opportunity to upload their company details and what they offer in terms of services and products.
This page serves as a handy tool to optimise future partnerships and opportunities for jobs, learnerships as well as for procurement and collaboration for people living with disabilities.

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